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Our Approach

Reusable Assets ensure Reliable Execution


Setup your private Data Lake and User Interface Dashboard to manage your Transactions and Business Data. We shall configure Transaction Manager to your environment needs.

Integrate our Transaction Manager Framework into your existing Flows, Processes, APIs, and Services.

Regression Test your Flows, Processes, APIs, and Services.


We have a package to meet your business demands

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TransactionManager a product?

TransactionManager is a product that includes Framework to integrate with your Services, APIs, Flows, Processes.  Includes our agents and SDKs. User Interface to manage your Transactions and a Data Model persistence tier.

What Cloud platforms? Does it also work On-Premise?

Today: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform. We also support On-Premise deployments. Contact us if you have another Cloud provider and we can evaluate


Does TransactionManager replace Splunk, Summo, ELK, or other logging tools?

We complement logging tools. Splunk, Summo, ELD tools don’t track or manage transactions. Also, these tools aren’t well designed to capture and report back business data without heavy customizations. also directly integrates with commercial Integration and API platforms such as Boomi, Mulesoft, Apigee, Software AG, WSO2, Tibco, and others

Does TransactionManager replace queuing, streaming, or caching tools?

No. In fact, TransactionManager makes use of these tools in our architecture. It does not replace your architecture of Spark, Rabbit MQ, Active MQ, SNS, Redis, or others.

Is TransactionManager SaaS or PaaS?

The TransactionManager is mostly categorized as SaaS, since we provide the Application and possibly the DB to manage your transactions. The DB can reside in our Cloud tenant or we can setup the DB in your company’s Cloud tenant.

Is TransactionManager invasive into my code, API, Services, Processes, Flows?

No. TransactionManager needs to integrate with your existing code, API, Services, and Processes to capture Transactions and/or Business Data through our agents and SDK. As part of our setup and configuration methodology, we will Regression Test any code, API, Services, Processes, Flows that its applied to.

What Integration and API Platforms do you support?

Mulesoft, Boomi, Apigee, WSO2, Kong, Software AG, Tibco, AWS API Gateway and Lambda, Azure API Gateway,, Postman

Will TransactionManager slow down performance of my code, API, Services, Processes, Flows?

No. TransactionManager makes heavy use of working on separate threads to perform its logging workers, and therefore won’t interrupt the performance processing of your existing architecture.

What if I don’t have a platform such as MuleSoft, Boomi, Apigee, WSO2, Software AG, or others?

TransactionManager can plug into custom code as well (Java and .NET).

TransactionManager was developed by Visual Integrator, better known as the “API Experts”. Should you need any API, Integration, or Microservice strategic or implementation consulting, we can help on this too. Please visit:


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