Manage, Monitor, and Track your Transactions across your APIs and Microservices.

TransactionManager is an insurance policy on your APIs and Microservices

End to End Transaction Management and Analytics on API and Microservices

TransactionManager is your end to end solution for all of your Transaction Management and Analytics needs.

Business Process Management

Transaction Management

Error Management


Business Analytics and Reports

Technical Analytics and Reports

Solution Repository

Historical Traceability

Powerful Management Features

TransactionManager gives you all the features you need to manage your transactions, business processes, and errors.

Business Process Management

  • View Business Data mapped to your Processes/Services/APIs
  • Understand where Business Process failed and take action
  • Manage end to end flow of a business process.

Transaction Management

  • Manage the Status of Transactions: Started, Completed, Error
  • Auto Retry Transactions
  • Manual Resubmit Transactions
  • Notifications on Transaction state changes
  • Historical lineage and history of Transactions

Error Management

  • See Error Conditions
  • Differentiate Business vs. Technical
  • Resubmissions and Replays
  • Capture all or a select set of Errors for logging, analysis, and resubmissions

 Analytics and Reports

TransactionManager gives you all the features you need to analyze your transactions and produce reports.

Business Analytics and Reports

  • Analytics on your Business Data, Transactions, and Business Processes
  • Visualization of your Business Data
  • Predictive Analytics

Technical Analytics and Reports

  • Visualization and Reports on Transactions and Business Data
  • Spot trends and patterns
  • Escalate high priority transaction issues

 Logging, Repository, and Traceability 

TransactionManager allows you to log, trace, and store transactions and data.


  • Capture State of Business Processes and Transactions
  • Audit Log on APIs and Microservices
  • Capture payloads and other metadata
  • Big Data Platform
  • Scalable within multiple Clouds– AWS, Azure, GC


Solution Repostiory

  • Adds intelligence to failure conditions, to prevent the same failure from re-occurring.
  • Build a repository of fixes that Support, Operations, and Developers can leverage in troubleshooting.
  • Problem fixes are logged and accessible for everyone to re-use.
  • Real time access for fixes that enable 24 x 7 support.
  • Search and Filter on the Repositor


Historical Traceability

  • Repository of all Transaction and Business data history
  • Find failed Transactions quickly
  • Run searches and filters
  • See transactions mapped to business data.
  • Find issues rapidly through Troubleshooting features.

TransactionManager Plugs into your Integration Platform

TransactionManager has a plugin to integrate seamlessly with all Integration Platforms

Integration to Integration Platforms

MuleSoft, Dell Boomi, WSO2, Software AG webMethods, Informatica

Integration to Master Data Management

Boomi MDM, Stibo, Informatica, etc.

Integration to custom and open source

Spring Boot, C#, Lambda

Integration to Public Cloud Platforms

AWS, Azure, GCP

Integration to major queuing platforms

RMQ, ActiveMQ, SNS, Azure Service Bus

We support all Major Integration Platforms

TransactionManager supports all major integration platforms including Dell Boomi, MuleSoft, Apigee, Software AG, WSO2, and others.

TransactionManager fills the Gaps other Integration Platforms leave behind




Leading Integration Platforms


Request/Response logging


Centralized business data log or tracking


Centralized Error log


Low Latency minimizes logging in Process Reporting


State Tracking


transaction history Tracking

Are you Leaving these Gaps Unfilled? 


Read more from Industry Experts on the importance of such, and the challenges of managing in a Microservices Architecture


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